Small Firm, Big Network

When you contact Levy Employment Law, LLC,
you can expect:

To reach me. I am directly accessible to all Levy Employment Law, LLC
clients. I build close relationships with clients that are based on
experience, responsiveness, a personalized approach, and trust.

Consistent quality. While the firm has expanded beyond a solo practice, our small team of attorneys are all seasoned professionals with whom I have worked closely over the years and whose skills, judgment and experience are consistent with the services I have offered since founding the firm in 2013.

To tap my network as needed. I have built a network of attorneys and HR
specialists to offer you support, as needed, in employee benefits, tax and immigration
matters, corporate compliance, hands‐on HR management, and workforce

Smooth transitions. Although we strive to prevent and resolve workplace
issues before they result in litigation, sometimes a lawsuit is unavoidable.
When that occurs, we partner with experienced trial attorneys to assure
your legal needs are well represented.

– Tracey I. Levy

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