January, 2015

New York State Removes Annual Wage Notice Requirement

Employers are no longer required to annually distribute a notice of wages to their employees pursuant to New York Labor Law section 195.1 (otherwise known as the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act).  The requirement to distribute this notice and obtain each employees’ acknowledgment of receipt between January and February 1 of each year was repealed, effective immediately, as part of a series of amendments to the law that were signed by Governor Cuomo in the final days before of 2014.

Employers are still required, however, to provide the written notice of wage rates to all new hires and obtain their written acknowledgment of receipt. In addition, the recent amendments to the law provide that violations of the notice requirements or other provisions of the state wage laws will result in substantially more punitive consequences for employers including:
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December, 2014

3 Hyper-Local Laws Employers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Hyper-local laws are the latest overarching trend in employment law, as municipal governments increasingly adopt laws applicable to private employers within their localities.  The reach of these laws includes new protected classifications, new notice obligations, and even paid leave mandates – often exceeding employer obligations under federal and state laws.  Woe to the unwary employer who is inattentive to these local legal requirements!

Currently the three hottest areas in local employment legislation are:

  • Paid sick leave,
  • “Ban-the-box” laws and
  • Pregnancy accommodation.

Are your workplace management policies in compliance?
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