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Levy Employment Law, LLC offers integrated solutions and stand-alone services, tailored to meet your business needs

DESIGN employment documentation; liaise with logistics and control functions to develop/ improve processes. More Info »

TRAIN on appropriate workplace conduct, employment law compliance and HR best practices. More Info »

TROUBLESHOOT and resolve workplace concerns; conduct investigations and recommend solutions. More Info »

DEFEND employers at the agency level against employment law claims. More Info »

Design/Build HR Policies with Supporting Systems

  • Create, review and revise employment documentation, including:
    • employee handbooks
    • employment applications
    • FCRA-compliant notices and authorizations
    • offer letters
    • warning notice templates
    • performance evaluations
    • medical certification forms
    • leave administration forms and templates
    • severance agreements
  • Perform multi-state scope of review
  • Confirm employees are appropriately classified under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and ensure compliance with state wage and hour laws
  • Liaise with benefits, payroll, security and other logistics and control functions to develop/improve processing of:
    • requests for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act and corollary state laws,
    • requests for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and corollary state and local laws, and
    • background checks in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, federal regulatory obligations, and state and local laws restricting criminal and credit history checks

Develop/Deliver Training for HR Professionals, Line Managers and Employees

  • Conduct harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention sessions for employees and managers, including:
    • sessions compliant with Connecticut and California law mandates; and
    • one-on-one training as a remedial response to inappropriate conduct
  • Deliver overview of key U.S. employment laws as relevant to HR professionals and line managers
  • Guide managers how to successfully address underperforming employees
  • Review interviewing basics and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state laws governing background checks
  • Educate on responding to requests for reasonable accommodation of a disability and managing leaves of absence in compliance with the FMLA, ADA and state laws

Troubleshoot/Resolve Workplace Concerns

  • Conduct workplace investigations of alleged inappropriate conduct
  • Counsel HR professionals and line managers on managing performance concerns, misconduct, absenteeism, leaves of absence, accommodations and other workplace concerns
  • Advise on reductions-in-force, outsourcing/offshoring and other workplace restructurings

Defend Administrative Charges

  • Represent employers in defending against charges filed by employees with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and corollary state and local administrative agencies
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