We help identify and resolve workplace issues.

Levy Employment Law, LLC attorneys leverage an average of 25 years of legal experience and HR best practices to: 

  • ♦  Conduct workplace investigations as an independent third-party investigator, including concerns of sexual harassment, racism, other forms of harassment/discrimination and retaliation;
  • ♦  Keep your employment policies current;
  • ♦  Provide straightforward legal advice on sensitive subjects;
  • ♦  Develop offer letters and separation agreements; and
  • ♦  Defend charges before administrative agencies for equal employment opportunity and wage and hour issues.

Our focus is internal to your organization, serving clients of all sizes and industries but with particular experience in the fields of financial services, not-for-profits, media and professional and skilled services.

We are registered with the federal System for Award Management as a woman-owned small business. Based in southern Westchester, we serve clients with locations in New York City, Westchester, Connecticut and the greater New York area.

  • New Private Employee Protections in Connecticut Curtail Employer Political/Religious Communications August 8, 2022 Private Connecticut employers must be careful about imposing their political or religious views on their employees, as a result of a new restriction on employer speech that took effect July 1, 2022.  While apparently intended to target union opposition, the law has much broader application. Titled “An Act Protecting Employee… Read More...
  • Workplace Investigations: Video vs. In-Person Interviews August 4, 2022 Prior to the pandemic, in-person interviews were generally considered the preferred method of conducting workplace investigations. They allowed the investigator to build rapport with the interviewee, the investigator could observe behaviors by the interviewee that might be relevant to credibility, and the investigator could know who was present for the… Read More...
  • 3 Key Considerations Under GINA – the Federal Law You May Have Overlooked August 1, 2022 The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) may be the sleepiest of the federal EEO laws, the one that many employers have never heard of or have entirely forgotten.  It prohibits employers from collecting genetic information from employees and using that as a basis for employment decisions.  Most employers, in the… Read More...
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