December, 2014

LIFE’S LESSONS* Winter 2014, Real Issues…Reconstituted Facts


‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and the headaches that result when staff fail to conduct themselves appropriately in a less formal setting. Advance planning can help minimize these situations, including a friendly reminder from senior management about expected behavior, arrangement for car service on standby to transport those who are too drunk to drive, and possibly even designating certain company representatives to be attentive at the party to inappropriate behaviors. But what happens when the official party ends? Is the company then relieved of further responsibility for the actions of its employees? Unfortunately, that is not always the caseā€¦.

Antics After the ABC Co. Holiday Party

More than 200 people attended ABC Co.’s annual party. Richard, a mid-level manager, and two of his peers were still revved up when the official party ended at 11 pm. They invited some of the junior staff on their teams to meet them at Blizzard, a bar located a few blocks from the company party. The junior staff spread the word to some of their peers, and by midnight, 25 ABC Co. employees had gathered at Blizzard. Richard bought a round of drinks for the ABC Co. employees who were standing around the bar, and then joined a group of the junior staff in the corner of the room.
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