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Summer 2016

Federal government adds trade secret protection and doubles the salary threshold for exemption from overtime eligibility; additional regulations and guidance expand federal contractor obligations to prevent sex discrimination (very broadly defined), require new practices on reporting and preventing workplace injuries, and clarify disability accommodations through leaves of absence. Read More


Spring 2016

New York City protects employees with any caregiver responsibilities, while federal, state and city government agencies expand employee rights in interpreting joint-employment status, interpreting paid sick leave and ban-the-box laws, and eliminating gender distinctions in business policies and practices. Read More


Fall 2015

Wage law changes predominate with new state and local laws to enforce payment obligations, as well as new court and federal administrative agency decisions on wage issues; plus discrimination protections are further expanded, NYC limits criminal history checks and federal agencies issue new pronouncements. Read More


Summer 2015

U.S. Supreme Court expands pregnancy protections, addresses religious practice and limits EEOC authority; employee privacy rights enhanced by new Connecticut law on personal online activity and New York City law on credit checks. Read More


Spring 2015

Updates on new US DOL regulations and NLRB action, new NYS and NYC laws modifying notice obligations and adding a new category of job-protected leave, Read More

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