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Winter 2020

Takeaways Winter 2020

Winter 2020 issue covers:
• Major changes to New Jersey laws on worker classification, wage payment and employee rights;
• Expanding employee protections in New York;
• Loosening of some federal law mandates and imposition of others;
• Plus more at the local, state and federal levels

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Fall 2019

Takeaways Fall 2019

The expansion of discrimination law protections continues across the tri-state to cover even more employers, and further include protections for appearance standards, immigrants, victims of domestic violence and civil air patrol members.  In addition, there are wage law changes at the federal level and for New Jersey employers, plus this issue covers key court and NLRB decisions impacting even non-unionized employers.

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Summer 2019

An unprecedented range of employment law changes have occurred in the past quarter, significantly impacting employers in every part of the tri-state area.  They include harassment prevention, expanded FMLA and minimum wage changes in Connecticut; salary history ban, enhanced discrimination and equal pay protections and greater voting leave in New York; and protections for medical marijuana users and a likely salary history ban in New Jersey.  In addition, this issue covers new legal changes in New York City and Westchester County, federal administrative agency opinions on gig workers, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on EEOC charge filing and compelling arbitration, as well as state court decisions and more.

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Spring 2019


New Jersey has rapidly adopted more employee-friendly laws related to leaves of absence, legal remedies for claims of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and the minimum wage. In New York City, there is new guidance on the mandatory sexual harassment training, and on gender and race discrimination and lactation accommodations. Westchester County is continuing to enhance employee protections, and recent court decisions address wage payments, disability-based harassment, and employee privacy.

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Winter 2018/19

In response to continued expansion of sick leave laws, this issue includes an In-Depth Analysis of the Connecticut, New York City, Westchester County (yes, it’s new), and New Jersey laws as a reference for employers formulating compliant policies and procedures.  Also covered in this issue are further New York City protections for employees, including expanded lactation room and policy requirements, as well as changes in New York State and Connecticut law, the Supreme Court’s recent decision on the ADEA, and New Jersey court decisions on medical marijuana and arbitration agreements.

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